Amanda Knox- Freed at last.

Amanda Knox was sentenced four years in jail for a murder she never committed.

The two online publications – The Mail and The Guardian represented Knox’s story in different manners.


  1. In terms of the development of the story, the Mail used it as its main front page story (with several images taking over most of the page). Knox’s release and her own reaction towards it, was presented in an optimistic light : ‘ The smile that says I’m going home.’ However, The Guardian, covered the story in a negative light with only one image of Knox.
  2. Each site used various techniques to cover the story. Liveblogging/blogging was used by the Mail to allow reporters and readers to comment on the issue. This method proved to be successful as The Mail received over 300 comments by its readers. The Guardian didn’t use this tool, thus has not received any comments.
  3. Twitter –  The story was allowed by both the publications to be shared on twitter with their followers. This resulted in the story being spread even more so, especially to those people who did not follow the news regularly.
  4. Multimedia – Again The Mail took full advantage of this technique by providing a few videos and over fifteen images on the case, whereas The Guardian provided only two videos and one image.
  5. Interactive features – Both the publications provided the readers with links to details of the stories, videos as well as related articles.

In my view, The Mail covered Amanda Knox’s story better. The Mail’s presentation of the story was more appealing in terms of its layout, its interaction with the readers and the better use of multimedia, even though previously it published the incorrect verdict of Amanda Knox that stated her to be guilty of the Meredith’s murder. But, I believe it’s fair to claim that The Mail has tried its hardest to make up for its mistake.


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